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Aug 16-18, 2007 Steeple Results:
Results from Women's Steeplechase Report, a free newsletter sent to readers about 30 times each year.
Winter All-Comers
August 18, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Automatic Timing
2000m Steeple: 1-Jesse OBrien 7:33.68; 2-Mary.Fien 7:34.16; 3-Tara Vance 7:54.29; 4-Madeline Campbell 8:20.94; 5-Phoebe Saxon 8:41.94.

Winter Series
August 17, 2007
Gold Coast, Australia
Automatic Timing
2000m Steeple: 1-Courtney.Gilfillan 7.10.44; 2-Miriam Smith 7.13.19; 3-Nikki Hiscock 7.20.34; 4-Maegen Smith 7.29.85; 5-Hall 7.36.15; 6-Cook 7.46.98.

Games of the Islands of the Indian Ocean
August 16, 2007
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Hand Timing
1-Nina Marie Harinoro Andrianambinina 11:07.4; 2-Chantal Banica Velondraivololonirina 11:30.7.

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