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BIO: Brianna Dahm
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DOB: 3/13/1982
Birth Place: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
High School/College: Marquette University
Current Affiliation: Nike Oregon Track Club
Place of Residence: Eugene, OR
Coach: Frank Gagliano
First Steeplechase: 4/01, Louisville, KY
Steeplechase PR: 10:04

Career Highlights:
2 time NCAA All-American, C-USA All Decade team in cross, indoor and outdoor track, C-USA and school steeple record holder, Marquette and C-USA MVP
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote(s):
All you can do, is try your best.
Favorite Song(s):Anything by Madonna, DMB, Death Cab for Cutie, Tom Petty, actually pretty much anything but country!
Favorite Movie(s):Wedding Crashers, Office Space, Zoolander, Usual Suspects, The Exorcist, Napoleon Dynamite, Old School
Favorite Book(s):The Alienist, Angel of Darkness, John Grisham books
Favorite TV Show(s):Grey's Anatomy, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls
Pet(s):I really really want a dog! I'm a sucker for them and tend to latch on to people that have them ; )
Person/People I Admire:My grandparents. They're amazing people that have the most loving, respectful and also comical relationship that I've ever seen, not to mention more energy than I have, and I'm 50 years younger than them!

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