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BIO: Kelly Strong
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Kelly's Blog (last entry posted on 12/07/06)

DOB: 9/27/1978
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington
High School/College: Tualatin High School/Arizona State University
Current Affiliation: ASICS
Place of Residence: Kirkland, Washington
Coach: Greg Metcalf
First Steeplechase: May 2001 Tempe Arizona 10:06
Steeplechase PR: 9:47

(Photograph by Benjamin Benschneider )
Career Highlights:
5 Time All American at Arizona State, 3 Time Pac 10 Champion, gradtuated with 5 school records...they are gone now (Lisa Galaviz!) ASU athlete of the Year 2001, 5th Place 2004 Olympic Trials
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote(s):
Life is the gift you have been given!
Favorite Song(s):Anything by Tim McGraw!
Favorite Movie(s):Latest Favorite: Wedding Crashers, I love any movie with Reese, Kate....(Brad and Matthew too:)
Favorite Book(s):Into Thin Air
Favorite TV Show(s):Survivor, American Idol (Love Carrie!), Amazing Race
Pet(s):No...I wish we had a dog! Someday, a golden retriever named Barry!
Person/People I Admire:Running wise: Deena Kastor....such a stud! Otherwise: My sister, such an amazing and strong person...and a great mom!
Something People Don't Know About Me:I drink lots of coffee...probably too much. I love ice cream...and love to bake. My dream is to someday own a coffee shop/bakery. That would be so cool.

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