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BIO: Kara June
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DOB: 8/10/1982
Birth Place: Santa Maria, CA
High School/College: St. Joseph High/ Fresno State
Current Affiliation: Asics Aggies
Place of Residence: San Luis Obispo, CA
Coach: Joe Rubio
First Steeplechase: April 2001, Sacramento, CA
Steeplechase PR: 9:49.56

Career Highlights:
6th at the US Olympic Trials with a PR of 9:49.56. Four time Western Athletic Conference (WAC) champion in the Steeplechase, 2001 USATF Junior Champion in the 2000m steeplechase- 6:51 (world record at the time), WAC record holder in the steeple at 10:15.4, Fresno State record holder in the steeple as well.
Personal Motto/Favorite Quote(s):
We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again.
Favorite Movie(s):Office Space, Braveheart, Wedding Crashers, Seven
Favorite TV Show(s):Grey's Anatomy, Heros, America's Next Top Model =)
Pet(s):A cute cat named Spinks who has 7 toes on his front paws. Those things are huge!!
Person/People I Admire:Anna Willard, Lindsey Anderson, Jenny Barringer...ROCK IT LADIES!!!! Represent! I admire athletes who aren't afraid to put it all out there and leave it on the track, field, course, court, etc. I also admire people make sacrifices in order to fulfill dreams.
Something People Don't Know About Me:I hurdled in high school because my older sister was a distance runner and I didn't want to race against her all the time. When I entered college at Fresno State I had wanted to try the steeplechase, but my coach used the steeple as a bit of a threat to all freshman. Since I was the only freshman that year, I was "stuck" running the steeple. Of course, I let my coach think that she had MADE me run it, when all along I had wanted to give it a try. So, I became a 4-time WAC champion because I was "forced" to do the steeple freshman year. I just thought that was kind of funny. =)

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