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BIO: Victoria Mitchell
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DOB: 4/25/1982
Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria
High School/College: Mansfield Secondary College
Current Affiliation: Nike
Place of Residence: London
Coach: Nic Bideau
First Steeplechase: Not sure!
Steeplechase PR: 9.30

Career Highlights:
NCAA Champ 2005
Comm Games 2006 4th
My first win in Europe at Prague (Currently based in London for the first time doing the 06 UK/Europe season and loving it)
Favorite Song(s):Top 40 stuff
Favorite Movie(s):Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Step Up 2 The Streets.
Favorite Book(s):The Alchemist. I also love fact books or quirky fact books like Rippley's Believe It or Not!
Favorite TV Show(s):Gossip Girl. Countdown.
Pet(s):None anymore :(
Person/People I Admire:I admire things about nearly everyone i know because nearly everyone has at least one (often more than one!) great quality.
I love happy people!
Something People Don't Know About Me:People may already know...I like to catch animals. In the states I caught snakes, a lizard, a squirrel, a snapper turtle, and a opossum :)

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